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Mobile phone screen shot of the game Milky Shaky LAB. It features a central crosshair and two celestial bodies: Moon and Comet Neowise.
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Watch our Manifesto for Science

But, consider it outdated. After all, the Universe keeps expanding (and so do we)!
Milky Shaky LAB character set. We can see Queen Sunny holding a chocolate cake with atoms, Princess Earth is pulling Aia Moon and Princess Venus. Prince Mars on the other hand is flying with skyboard and Prince Mercury is using his one-wheeled scooter.
meet the characters

Queen Sunny

SUNNY is the ruler of the Kingdom of SUNNY KINGDOM, responsible for keeping the furnace that heats and illuminates the icy valley where the kingdom is located. She fulfils this task with zeal and still finds time to dedicate to her great passion: confectionery.

Her dream is to be an apprentice to the Confectionery Supernovas and make the best cakes in the MILKY SHAKY GALAXY.

Queen Sunny, a character from the IP Milky Shaky. She is in a long yellow dress with a softly pointed collar and crown.
meet the characters

Princess Earth

Princess EARTH is a mystery. Owner of the THIRD ISLAND, she is always accompanied by AIA LUA, her maid of company. She is the twin sister of Princess VÊNUS, although nowadays they both look very different from each other.

It was not always like this: in their childhood, EARTH and VENUS were really identical. After the mysterious hurricane that enveloped the THIRD ISLAND for several years, EARTH reappeared differently, with incredible powers to create life with her touch.

EARTH is naive and cheerful, she keeps no worries to herself. She has her head in the clouds, always thinking about the living beings that live in her castle. She doesn't give a damn about her appearance, but she ends up making a big impression on those around her in the kingdom of SUNNY KINGDOM.

Earth has hair of water / planty head / signal / creates life with touch / dressed in skyVenus being hot planet oven / dressed all closed up / stuffy like heavy atmosphere / of that planet / clouds of molten lava
meet the characters

Aia Lua

AIA LUA loves to play innocent tricks: she's the class jokester. She would like to be more respectful of her beloved Princess EARTH's friends, but her humorous streak is stronger. Despite this, she is always willing to help, even if the help ends up in confusion.

AIA LUA is often underestimated by VENUS and the princes, who forget that EARTH loses its powers to create life if it is separated from AIA LUA.

AIA LUA's hat changes constantly: sometimes it's the paws of a crab; sometimes the head of a lion; or the ears of a rabbit! It's an allusion to the figures observed on the moon through the phenomenon of pareidolia - the tendency to see shapes like faces or animals where none exist in reality.

Aia Lua performs in an agitated manner as she paints her house with white paint. The paint reflects the rays of the furnace at Castle Solis, where Queen Sunny is staying.
meet the characters

Princess Venus

VENUS is an artist, introspective and sensitive. Sarcastic, she is a princess of few words. When the hurricane that engulfed the THIRD ISLAND isolated her beloved sister EARTH from the rest of the kingdom, for VÊNUS it was like having her heart ripped out.

Now that EARTH has returned, VENUS doesn't want to part with her sister. Overcoming her natural seclusion, she finds herself exploring the kingdom together with EARTH and AIA MOON. Even an innocent movie session in EARTH'S castle can turn out to be an archaeological expedition to the unknown quarters of the place.

VENUS gets into constant arguments with AIA LUA, but lately she has realized that it's like talking to a lunatic, literally. VENUS sees herself as the naive protector EARTH and always tries to make her understand that not everyone is as nice as she is.

Princess Venus introduces herself in a sulky way. But she's a sweetheart. She's just hot-headed, really. Her dress is long and red, with drawings of lightning and acid rain clouds. She has a hat with the tip on fire.
Check the Celestial Environments

Island-Castle de Terra

Each character has their own island-castle. This is the one on Earth. Just as the characteristics of the planets are present in the characters, the castles in Milky Shaky LAB are similarly represented.

Princess EARTH'S THIRD ISLAND was similar to the hellish SECOND ISLAND of VENUS, but after the mysterious silver hurricane engulfs the island and disappears after several years, the building that appears before the residents of SUNNY KINGDOM is unlike anything they've ever seen.

The island is surrounded by a glass greenhouse that retains the heat coming from SOLIS CASTLE, but its windows open and close in a rhythmic movement, so that the temperature allows the existence of a rare substance in the kingdom: liquid water.

Earth Castle with waterfall, high mounds with walking feet on magma plate. Everything is covered with a thin layer of glass.

And why Astronomy?

We are all born curious. And we begin, from the moment we break the placenta, to conduct experiments in the laboratory of life.

We learn to walk by falling;
We learn to speak, trying to reproduce what we hear by babbling sounds;
We make associations like a computer program (if this, then that);
If we feel something strange, we cry and then gain comfort;
We observe the shape of objects, their texture, smell, taste and emitted sounds.

This is the beginning of logical thinking in children. However, for some reason, when we become adults we stop thinking like children. And this must change!

It is through curiosity, observation and mainly through creativity that we cultivate knowledge in our minds. And that is why we have chosen the fascinating theme of Astronomy, which is a multidisciplinary subject, to contribute to the child development of our small citizens.

Our aim is to sharpen the little minds and contribute to various areas of knowledge, such as:

Nossos Apoiadores <3

Our whole journey has been amazing. But we wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for our cosmic supporters! They believed in the idea, when it was still just a few dozen pages with concepts, illustrations and graphics. They are wonderful people and companies.

Screenwriter: Let's send them a shower of shooting stars!!!
Programmer: Hmm, if no shooting stars exist, what will we be sending them?
Astrophysics: Meteors, which are a kind of meteoroids.
Programmer: What????
Astrophysics: But, if they fall on the surface of the Earth they will be called Meteorites.
Programmer: Oh, that's good. They seem less dangerous :)
Astrophysics: Meteorites can measure a few tens of centimeters to meters in diameter. The largest meteorite found on Earth is in Namibia, it measures 2.7 meters long and weighs 60 tons!
Screenwriter: Boy!
Astrophysics: Heavy, huh? Now, imagine this rock coming towards you at 72km/s? Better saying: at exactly 259,200 km/h!
Programmer: O.o
Screenwriter: Meo Deos T.T I just want the shiny part!!!

SPcine logo in white letters

SPcine Public Notice - City of São Paulo

We were awarded the first Games Call for Proposals promoted by Spcine, called Games Seed Money 2020, for the prototyping of the game Milky Shaky LAB. Spcine is an initiative of São Paulo City Hall.

Spcine Game Incubator logo in white letters

SPcine Game Incubator

We are from the first group of projects in the SPcine Game Incubator in the year 2021. It was 10 months of follow-up and conversations with 14 qualified Brazilian mentors from the global gaming market.

Samsung Ocean N2

Encerramos nossa participação no Programa de Pré-Aceleração da Samsung Ocean com louvor em 2021 e fomos Pré-acelerados novamente em 2022 pela Samsung! \o/ Foram meses e meses de mentorias e workshops ultra-intensos com conteúdos absurdos de bom <3.

Samsung Developer

We are Samsung Developers certified by Samsung headquarters in South Korea. Our first product in the Galaxy Store are FREE mobile wallpapers: click here to download them. And, already on our roadmap are other items like: animated themes, icons and then wearables ;)

Indie Hero

Indie Hero is a digital games accelerator and was created as a spin-off from GameJam+. playSTEM academy was selected for the PIIH 2021 - IndieHero's First Investment Program, passing all the phases. We are now negotiating to receive contributions from investors interested in our startup.


Created in 2004, Abragames, the Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers, is a non-profit organization whose aim is to strengthen the Brazilian game development industry. playSTEM academy has been a member since it was founded.

PlaySTEM Academy logo in white letters

playSTEM academy
is a game startup offering STEM experiences to pique children's curiosity.

Game Startup focused on children
In 2021 we were incubated by SP Game Start and pre-accelerated by Samsung in 2021 and 2022, and by VAITEC. We exhibited at the BIG Festival, RioInnovationWeek, WebSummit, GamesCom (Germany), among others in the years 21/22/23, accumulating more than 400 unique tests among children and family members of their first mobile game: Milky Shaky LAB, a real-time telescope simulator for space explorers. Milky Shaky LAB will be launched on October 14, 2023, in Vertical Slice Open Beta mode, during the solar eclipse. Download early access now, while it's still open!

Society needs STEM
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Space Exploration and Logical Reasoning are terms that are becoming more common today. So common, in fact, that over the last decade more than 2 million ST EM jobs have been created in the United States alone. But here in Brazil , out of 2 million graduates, only 20,000 are STEM graduates.

Generating GDP
According to research, nations that don't invest in these areas could develop low skills in the workforce and in the cognitive thinking of their citizens. On the other hand, those countries that are already investing and encouraging young people to study in these areas are beginning to see an increase in the generation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in their regional economies.

What is STEM?
STEM is an acronym in English, which translates as:

(S) Science
(T) Technology
(E) Engineering
(M) Mathematics

And why areSTEM areas important?
People with degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are more likely to develop the skills so essential to the 21st century, such as: Leadership, Collaboration, Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Innovation and Creativity.

A person with a degree in Physics is one of the people most likely to be employable in the job market. She has been trained to solve problems.

Neil Degrasse Tyson - American Astrophysicist
Education, whatever it may be, is always a theory of knowledge put into practice.

Paulo Freire - Educator and philosopher
Tell me and I shall possibly forget.
Teach me and I shall remember.
But if you involve me, I shall learn.
(free translation)

Xun Kuang - Chinese philosopher, follower of the Confucian line

playSTEM academy
contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

open book icon with pencil next to it

Goal 4 - Quality Education

We want to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all from entertainment

icon shows balance between male and female genders

Goal 5 - Gender Equality

We propose to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by using intellectual properties that empower them.

icon with growing bar graph

Goal 8 - Decent Jobs and Economic Growth

Our long-term goal is to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, based on decent work for all. In the 21st century, decent work is only possible with strong education and culture, aimed at the development of cognitive skills.

Looping symbol. Infinity icon.

Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

The entertainment industry is one of the industries that least consumes raw materials and one of the most able to reuse the product produced for other users. We encourage the reuse and recycling of materials and apply concepts of renewable energy generation in our productions. Thus, we are ensuring sustainable production and consumption standards.

icon with overlapping blocks, forming a three-dimensional structure

Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

A society with resilient infrastructure that promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialisation is fundamental to balance. We seek to foster innovation with software and game development methodologies to stay current.

human eye icon, with the Planet Earth at the eye pupil site.

Goal 13 - Action against Global Climate Change

We take action to combat climate change and its impacts. We acknowledge the efforts of the United Nations on Climate Change [UNFCCC]. We produce entertainment intellectual properties that always bring up the importance of taking care of the climate balance.

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